The office of Dr. Dean Steven Daniell’s, dean of school of the Arts and Letters, on the second floor of Polytechnic United Methodist Church was broken into on Monday morning, Dec. 16 according to Blake Bumbard, security manager of Texas Wesleyan.

“Office workers confirm that there was $100 missing from an envelope off the desk,” Bumbard said.
Bumbard said the Fort Worth Police Department was contacted and has the case information with photos of the scene including evidential records of footprints.

Paula Justice, junior English major, witnessed the outcome of the break-in.

“Over the weekend, someone broke into the office of the Dean of Arts and Letters,” Justice said. “Nothing of large value was taken but there was a big mess of broken glass and extinguisher residue.”

Kriti Sharma, School of Arts and Letters administrative assistant for faculty and staff, also confirmed the suspect(s) that broke-in used the fire extinguisher to break the window pane of the door. In the process, the fire extinguisher was set off leaving dust and broken glass residue throughout the outside and inside the office.

“They broke in, only took an envelope that had money that we were collecting for the house keepers,” Sharma said. “They kicked in Dr. Daniell’s office door, didn’t take anything. They had opened some of our drawers but nothing else seems to be missing.”

“They left all the seemingly valuable objects and then just took a little envelope with some cash in it,” Sharma said. “It just seemed very bizarre.”

If anyone observes any suspicious activity, security can be contacted at 817-531-4911 along with the Fort Worth Police Department at 817-871-8885.