While driving down Rosedale at the beginning of the semester you should have notice the construction going on in front of the bookstore and Subway.

Instead of just driving up to Subway like normal now you will have to do a couple detours to get access or if you wanted to walk you could simply just walk.

Store Manager at Texas Wesleyan University Bookstore Danielle LaMere Smith said, “While inconvenient, the interruptions are temporary and these renovations are needed to improve the area around the campus and community.”

This past week while walking to the bookstore or Subway you might have taken notice of the concrete being poured for the new “driveway”.

It wasn’t uncommon for students to walk to Subway before construction or to the bookstore.

“In retail, everything around us impacts sales from weather to traffic” said, Smith.

Students either walked or drove to get their five dollar foot long this month or those textbooks for class.

“I find the construction to be unattractive for the campus and a disadvantage for the students” said senior sociology major Neta Dotsan.

When backing out of subway or the book store you will find yourself overly cautious due to the many construction workers and equipment.

You can’t help but notice some of the equipment has been run over. Some students choose to walk to the book store throughout the day to get food from Subway.

“I do not go to subway anymore because the lack of parking and the issue of visibility when leaving the parking lot I feel like it is a hazard to students and the construction workers” said senior finance major Levi Crocker.

When walking over remember what you were taught as a child, look both ways before you cross the street and then look once more.

The streets on Rosedale are now two lanes and at times some are closed and some are not, this can cause confusion for drivers such as yourself so proceed with caution.