Walking around campus I couldn’t help but feel joy because of the sidewalk repairs going on.

Change is great, especially when it is going to benefit students, especially for students with disabilities.

I honestly think that while  the school is working hard to get everything done, this is something that should have been done a lot sooner.

I am able to see through the eyes God gave me, and I am constantly tripping over the sidewalks. Imagine someone who can’t see. Imagine someone who can’t walk and is trying to go over the cracks and the very steep ramp located near the IT offices in the West Library Building.

Even as I went for my light jog around the campus, I tripped and almost face planted the ground.

The sidewalks aren’t the only things that need repairing. I feel very strongly about the ramp located near the IT offices.

I believe that if people in a wheel chair tried to access that ramp, they could really hurt themselves due to it being so steep.

I am however very proud of the fact that the school has those buttons you push that open the door. That is something we definitely need.

Something that I can’t help but think about is if the school complies with the rules for people with disabilities.

I know last semester I constantly saw the security helping a student get to class and get around campus, but what was to happen if something came up?

Due to all the construction going on, I think that maybe more precautions need to be taken.

I drive and see all the concrete blocks in piles, and my thoughts are is it annoying yes but it is also for the better.

I just want to make sure that people who need help getting around let their voice be heard. We are all here to better our education, and getting a broken leg due to sidewalks is not on my agenda.