Last semester went relatively quickly; however, the spring semester seems to go by in a blink of an eye.

With tests, projects and sporting events, Texas Wesleyan seems to be buzzing with a little bit more life in the spring than the fall.

Homecoming is one of the biggest events this semester, it brings the old together with the new-old being the alumni and the new being the current students. Students get a chance to hear stories about how it used to be on campus, and it’s also a chance for the university to show off all the new improvements.

Also, another huge event on campus is University College Day, which takes place in April. It’s a day where the entire campus comes together to celebrate the intellectual and community life at the University.

With these two major events, student organizations are busy preparing. And not only are there these two major events, there are many smaller events. The Black Student Association is preparing for Black History month with activities such as discussion panels and poetry night. Greek organizations are preparing for their spring intake.

All these things taking place may make it hard to focus, especially with almost all of Wesleyan’s sports teams in season. Asia Wilson, senior sprinter for the women’s track team observed the situation as a student-athlete.

“Spring goes by fast because I am in season,” she said. “And I really have to balance practice, meets, and school work. It can be quite stressful at times, but I believe I can manage it.”

Spring semester is a mixture of things, students who are anxious about graduation at the end of the semester and other students who are just anxious about a new semester. A new semester gives the opportunity for students to perform better academically than they did last semester.

New friendships can and will be formed with some of the new spring transfers. Even though it is a hectic time, the reward at the end of semester is a great three-month summer break.