Since moving to Texas from England, I get asked all the time how the food compares to back at home and now the soccer season is into its off season, it has allowed me more spare time to try out DFW’s many restaurants.

As I enjoy trying new foods along with learning more about the Texas traditional foods like some of the items on offer at the Texas State fair show which I had the chance to write about last year for The Rambler.  I love the fact that here in Texas there is such a wide selection of Mexican and Tex-Mex style restaurants as this isn’t the case across Europe.

In the U.K there is a Chinese and Indian restaurant/take away on every corner but that is not the case here in Texas with less demand for these style of foods because of the different culture diversity of the people here.

So after doing some research and speaking to expert foodie and Chef Kelly Burton, who graduated out of Texas Wesleyan last semester, we came up with this list of unique must visit places to eat not too far away from campus.


Esperanza’s (1601 Park Place Ave., Ft. Worth)

  • What to get: Green Chicken Enchilada Plate (If you go for lunch on Friday, they’re on special for under $5)
  • Joe T. Garcia’s (2201 N. Commerce St., Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: Combo Fajitas and Margaritas
    • Best Restaurant Patio in DFW
    • Salsa Limon (929 University Dr., Ft. Worth + Food Trucks)
    • What to get: Spicy Pork Burrito
    • Mi Cocina (4601 West Fwy., Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: Crispy Chicken Enchiladas or Tortilla Soup
    • Taco Heads
    • (700 Carroll St., Ft. Worth – Food Truck parked behind Poag Mahone’s)
    • What to get: Breakfast Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce
    • Open late, good place to hit up after the bars close
  • Los Pastores (3812 E. Rosedale St., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Beef Fajita Tacos or Carnitas Gordita
  • Close to Wesleyan, has a drive-thru
  • Taco Villa (8636 Benbrook Blvd, Benbrook and 8640 N Beach St, Fort Worth)
  • What to get: Taco burger, Guadalajara or combination burrito
  • The only Tex-Mex place that serves fries
  • Campesinos Cafe (Vaughn Ave, Fort Worth)
  • What to get: any breakfast compo
  • Mediterranean
  • King Tut (1512 W. Magnolia Ave., Ft. Worth) Barbecue
    • What to get: Chicken Shawarma with Rice and Baba Ganoush
    • Terra (2973 Crockett St., Ft. Worth)
      • What to get: Gyro or Moussaka
      • Amazing Lunch Buffet
      • Celaborelle Phoenician (2257 Hemphill St., Ft. Worth)
        • What to get: Greek Salad and Labneh Matoon
  • Barbecue
  • Cousin’s (5125 Bryant Irvin Rd, Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: Sliced Brisket, Ribs, or Chicken
    • Best Barbecue in Ft. Worth
    • Woodshed (3201 Riverfront Dr., Ft. Worth)
      • What to get: Bulgogi Beef Tacos
      • Fancier version of barbecue

Smokeys (5300 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth)

What to get: Brisket sandwich


  • Thai House (3701 S. Cooper St., Arlington)
    • What to get: Drunken Noodles w/ Beef or Green Curry w/ Chicken
    • China Jade (5274 S. Hulen St., Ft. Worth)
      • What to get: Hot & Sour Soup and Szechuan Green Beans w/ Pork
      • Pho 95 (5302 E. Belknap St., Haltom City)
        • What to get: Any kind of Pho you like
          • Genghis Grill(4469 Bryant Irvin Rd. Ft. Worth)
          • What to get: Build your own bowl


  • Kalachandji’s (5430 Gurley Ave., Dallas)


  • Charleston’s (3020 S. Hulen St., Fort Worth)
    • What to get: Prime Rib or Baked Potato Soup
    • Ol’ South (1509 S. University Dr., Ft. Worth)

What to get:German pancakes

  • Best 24-Hour Restaurant,
  • The Bottom (3468 Blue Bonnet Cir., Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: Turkey Burger or Seafood
    • Babe’s (120 S. Main St., Burleson or 230 N. Center St., Arlington)
      • What to get: Fried Chicken