Candies and flowers on Valentine’s Day is not the best way to convey love in a relationship.

Dr. Sean Stokes, assistant professor of graduate counseling at Texas Wesleyan, gives some preliminary advice for Valentine’s Day.

“First, have fun. Next, don’t forget to have fun when you are in a relationship” said Dr. Stokes.

“Couples need to get to-know each other,  aside from their favorite animals.”

“If you don’t know your dating partner’s love language, spend some time learning it,” Stokes says.

“We all give flowers and give chocolate, but is that what really speaks to your spouses love language?”

“The Five Love Languages” is a book that teaches the reader how-to express heart-felt commitment to their mate. This book suggests that there are five ways to love a mate..

1. words of affirmation, 2. quality time, 3. gifts, 4. acts of srvice, 5. physical touch.

“Have fun and enjoy each other’s company” Stokes said.

Chocolate makers and busy making fresh chocolate. The florists have cut the stems and tied the ribbons, and the restruants hostesses are prepared for the day of love, Valentine’s Day.

(this story has been revised and edited for online reading)