Students looking for the Texas Wesleyan Office of Admissions can now find it at the Baker Martin House.

With the start of the new year, the Admissions Office has made a few changes. It moved its office to its own space from the O’Neal- Sells Building to the Baker-Martin House.

The change occurred after a visit from a consultant who evaluated the campus from a new student’s perspective.  The student experience – especially in the first year – influences the prospective student’s decision on a college home.

The Baker-Martin House offers a perfect new setting for the office in the eyes of Wesleyan administrators.

“This is a very good starting point,” said Denelle Rodriguez, assistant director of operations for the Admissions Office. “We try to make the campus visit experience a very warm and welcoming for our perspective students and families.”

The O’Neal-Sells Building has many different offices, and it made it difficult to find the Admissions Office.

“That’s the big difference is it will be easier to find, more of a comfortable and welcoming environment,” said Chad Wylie, senior admissions counselor in admissions.

One of the most important functions of the Admissions Office revolves around helping students. Long before potential students become Wesleyan applicants, the admissions staff has worked to recruit students by raising awareness about the university.

Another major role of the Office of Admissions centers around recruiting students.

“It’s really important,” said Pati Alexander, vice president of enrollment and student services, “not only for the student body. A university has to bring in new students every single semester, for the culture, the student activities and the student life.  That’s why we’re a university. Professors have to have somebody to teach, so it’s important that we have to keep up with it.”

Another vitally function of the Admissions Office are their efforts to help with international students.  This often involves helping them navigate the enrollment process.

Wesleyan has many international students from 20 different countries represented by the new students attending Wesleyan during the spring semester.

International students enrich the student experience by providing different perspectives and exposure to different cultures.  Students are coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Guana, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Thailand, Egypt, Mongolia, India, Sweden, Malalysia, China, and Germany.

The Admissions Office plans for the future by managing student numbers between freshmen and transfer students and to increase the number of visiting students in a welcoming environment.

Target numbers for the future semester is to enroll 217 freshman and 315 transfers in the fall 2014 semester.  The target number of spring 2015 transfers at 150 students.