Not many people in the world could say they have dunked a ball because it is difficult.

There is one man on the Texas Wesleyan basketball team that makes dunking look easy. Senior guard Deonte Jones at 6-1, 190 pounds, has the agility to power down a dunk and makes it look easy.

Jones also is one of 16 college basketball players nationally selected for the fourth Annual “State Farm Dark Horse Dunker” competition.

“It’s a once in a lifetime chance that I am praying I get a chance to take part in,” he said.

He still needs votes online to get into the contest, but he talked recently about what he would bring to the dunk contest if he were selected.

“I would bring originality, competitiveness, style, and of a lot of energy.” Jones said. He also said that he is going do his best dunking to win the national contest.

He remains undefeated in early dunk contests (4-0), but he hopes to have fun in the process. He continued his conversation about the feeling he gets when he dunks in front of the crowd and even when he dunks on other players.

“It is an electrifying feeling,” he said. “It’s an adrenalin rush like no other. I first started dunking in the seventh grade, so I have a few bodies under my belt, and it’s a feeling that is difficult to explain, but it is a great feeling.”

Jones looks up to the players who he steals moves from in the professional and college ranks.

“My favorite player is Dwayne Wade,” he said, “but I pay attention to Ray Allen and the way he shoots the ball.”

Allen and Wade are among the best pure shooters in National Basketball Association history and are both future Hall of Famers’.

Deonte Jones’ dream is to play in the NBA slam dunk contest one day. His talent and play at Wesleyan earned him a spot in the competition.

If he makes it past the first round of competition, Wesleyan fans can vote for him on Facebook.

Fans can decide the winner by voting daily on Facebook throughout the five weeks competition in the State Farm Dark Horse Dunker 16-player bracket fields. The winner eventually will compete against other college stars in the Slam Dunk Championship on April 3 just before the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four at AT&T Stadium in Arlington April 5 and 7.