For decades government officials have told the people of the United States that marijuana is a dangerous drug.

They have treated weed the same thing as cocaine and heroin for years, but it’s not the same.

President Richard Nixon preached about the dangers of marijuana.

“The Nixon White House tapes from 1971-1972 prove that the foundation of the modern war on marijuana was Nixon’s prejudice, culture war and misinformation,” said

President Ronald Regan also talked about the danger of marijuana when his wife Nancy Regan put forward the “Just Say No” campaign.

“By 1988 more than 12,000 “Just say no” clubs were formed around the country and the world. The results were encouraging: cocaine use by high school seniors had dropped by a third” said

However this foundation never mentions any drop in marijuana users or any discernible difference with use of any other drug.

But now President Barack Obama, has allowed 15 states and Washington D.C. to legalize marijuana for either medical uses. Also as of 2014 two states have opened business on recreation marijuana.

A statement from the Federal Enforcement Policy De-Prioritizing Medical Marijuana: Statements from Pres. Obama, his official, and the Justice Department

“Although federal criminal law does not have an exception for the medical use of marijuana, several statements made by Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and their spokespeople in 2008, 2009, and 2010 reflected that the enforcement of federal criminal laws against those complying with state medical marijuana laws would not be an enforcement priority” said a report entitled “Marijuana policy project“ said

This memo went from the White House and into the hands of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

This is happening because we as a nation are waking up and doing our homework on this topic. The younger generation is not staying ignorant. We are realizing that weed is not a harmful, addictive drug, but a medicine that can be taxed and controlled on the legal market.

Colorado is now one of only two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational uses.

I took a trip to Colorado at the beginning of this year and discovered a thriving, safe community that is living happy and without fear.

I first stopped in Colorado Springs and realized very quickly that the medical marijuana dispensaries are not selling to recreational smokers.

In fact, almost no other city in Colorado is selling to recreational smokers except Denver.

So I went to Denver and found out that there are 14 different dispensaries selling to recreational users.

Since I am over 21 and have a Texas Driver’s license to prove it, I was happily welcomed into my first dispensary.

As I walked into Denver Kush Club, I felt like a kid on christmas. The shop smelled of good marijuana buds, and everywhere I looked were smiling faces from the other customers.

After checking my Identification, I was escorted to the back of the shop where the recreational sales men was happily waiting to great me. The area was separated from the area where the medical patients receive their marijuana. The attendant told me that it was separate because of the restrictions that came with the new law.

While speaking with the bud-tender, he asked me what kind of smoke I liked. After telling him my personal preferences, he recommended Amnesia Caviar and OG4.

The bud-tender informed me that each customer is only allowed to buy up to an eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams per visit. Luckily, I had a friend with me, so together we purchased an eight of each type.

The look, smell, and taste were amazing. The buds glistened in the light from the tetrahydrocannabinol crystals, and the OG4 smelled fruity and tasted sweet.

I only smoked because I felt safe in a state that was not going to prosecute me for consuming marijuana.

I do not and would not recommend anyone else in Texas to smoke marijuana because; the laws that are now in place might land you in jail or a rehab clinic.

I always felt safe while in Denver. There were police patrolling the streets constantly. Sometime they would be flying down the street with their sirens blasting and their lights flashing. I knew that they were off to bust a real criminal, not someone trying to relax after a hard-days’ work.

I had an incredible time in Denver and the rest of my trip to Colorado. I visited five other dispensaries on that trip, and I will never forget how good it felt to buy pot legally. Every dispensary was clean, like a doctor’s office, and made me feel comfortable.

I hope to one day be able to have a similar experience in Texas. I also hope that our new governor and state legislator will want to legalize marijuana for medical uses.

If they do, I will be the first one lined up to get my medical marijuana license.