For proposals closed, it is only a matter of weeks before this year’s University College Day gets into full swing.

There will be a new theme “This Year of Sustainability,” and the two guest speakers Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, associate professor at Texas Tech; and Stefan Stamoulis will help in getting that message across.  The theme is “Think Global, Start Local” which gives an idea of what it’s all about. University College Day takes place on Wednesday, April 9, and there will be events from 8:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

The Rambler interviewed Wesleyan Senior Vice President and Provost Allen Henderson, PhD, who helps organize the day “which is a day of scholar presentations, and whatever you have learned from your research, or from your experiences that are unique, that you want to share and present what you have learned.”

“There are lots of different ways to prove the research, a paper or project or experiences in student learning, which will be written down and put into a proposal for a presentation or poster format” Henderson said.

This is timely opportunity for all students of any background to express themselves and be able to put something special like this on resume when you graduate.  Each student has to work with a faculty sponsor, this can give the students direction and advice to make sure the presentation or proposal is on the right track.

The committee panel has made a few changes on last year’s event by trying to have more presentations than 2013 UCD of an even higher quality. Students will present for about 20 minutes; the poster session will be about two hours in length and students may come and go during their poster presentations as they please to help fit into students classes.

Dr. Loraine Dieckmann, who is chair of the event, said: “It’s a one day event and takes a year to organize, we choose the topic, we found the guest speakers in fall” and she also has a vision that she wants students to share of making the planet a greener place.

“I want people to be more aware of their carbon footprint.”  Dr. Dieckmann said with a smile. “This year  is exciting because I got to work with Dr. Zane and helped create a new submissions form, that is working well” to help the process of applying and create more submissions to create hopefully a much smoother event for everyone involved. The best submissions will go forward for a google website database and will go in the library which showcases the rewarding works. Last year Wesleyan student Matthew McCormick made five presentations, and there have been ample success stories in this yearly event.

Organizers are thanking the Wesleyan community for its support and participation in UCD 2014. Both faculty and students are a critical part of the collaboration that makes University College Day a signature event for Wesleyan.