The buzz around campus smoking-sections is that Texas Wesleyan could become a smoke-free campus.

It has be said that Wesleyan might become a non-smoker free campus. Of course, that’s not going to happen. Because it’s ridiculous, just like the notion of a smoke-free campus.

Not so long ago people could smoke inside or outside of public areas. But today in the name of health smokers are often restricted to pathetic little outback nooks next to the dumpsters.

Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as firsthand smoke. But it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that if you don’t want to inhale secondhand smoke, avoid the smoking areas.

But exile isn’t enough. “The non-smokers not only infringe upon the smoking sections but also dare to complain about the aesthetics of these areas,” nonsmoking students said.

“There are cigarette butts everywhere,” they said.

Cigarette butts are a concern. They are scattered around smoking areas, and takes away from the overall appearance of campus.

Smokers are going to smoke.

So choice your battle. Butts scattered around the smoking areas or butts scattered around the entire campus.

Here’s another thorn.

It is rumored by Wesleyan students that soon electronic smokers might have to use the smoking areas too.

Blowing strawberry scented vapor in class may distract for other students. I don’t think that Jesus would want vapors floating around Polytechnic United Methodist Church. After all, it is a church.

But one of the main reasons smokers switch to electronic smoking devices is because they have the same health concerns as non-smokers. The concerns are deeper for the smokers, because not only are they making an effort to improve their health but they’re also battling addiction.