March is upon is, and that means the student election campaign for student government offices is not far behind place

In April the Student Government Association will soon hold elections for the 2014-2015 officers in the 95th year of the SGA at Texas Wesleyan University.

Almost any student can run in the election for any of the SGA offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Any students applying first must write a petition to fill an open seat, and participant in SGA for one full year.

“As the 93rd Legislature comes to a close,” said Kelsi Holland, senior sociology major and 92nd SGA president. “I look forward to learning about the new legislature and all the great things they will do.”

There will be a meeting held in March to explain the requirements for every .

“I think the Student Government Association is a good part to the experience for students at Texas Wesleyan University,” said Chris Windsor, assistant dean of students.  “I hope that our students get out to vote.”

In the past, voting booths were used for students to cast a ballot. This semester student voters have a chance to go green and vote online when balloting begins April 14.

An online voting system is in place, and it permits students to vote electronically. Students do not have to register to vote online.

Every student will receive an email alerting them to the voting period.

Students then simply reply to the email to complete their votes. All students must follow the rules by the SGA constitution and by campus rules of the government to run for office.