There are times when students at Wesleyan need to get off campus and try some of the diverse food that Fort Worth has to offer. That is especially true for the many international students that now live on campus.

As a senior student from London, England, I find the home style restaurants here in Texas especially interesting. This is because this kind of food represents the old-fashioned comfort cooking that the southern states have originated.  I remember four years ago when I first moved to Texas, I had never even heard of fried okra, black-eyed peas (apart from the music group) and chicken fried steak.

After four years all these foods are just as common to me as fish ‘n’ chips is back at home.  I don’t love all the foods on the home style menu but for international students and tourists passing through Fort Worth, it’s highly recommended. Some of the key foods to try including yams, grits and gumbo – all served with a fresh piece of cornbread as a sweet or savory side dish.

Many of the following restaurants mentioned have dated, more traditional attire but it’s worth it for the freshly served food with a southern charm.  So after doing some research and speaking to expert foodies and chef Kelly Burton, who graduated from Texas Wesleyan last semester, we came up with this list of unique must visit places to eat not too far away from campus.

Home style

  • John Carter’s Place (5309 E Lancaster Ave., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: beef stew or chopped beef
  • One of the closest to campus
  • Old Neighborhood Grill (1633 Park PIace Ave., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: award-winning chicken fried steak
  • The Star Cafe (111 W Exchange Ave, Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: chicken fried chicken with gravy
  • Westside Cafe (7950 Camp Bowie W Blvd. Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: chicken and dumplings
    • Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Ma’dea’s Down Home Cooking (1019 W Enon Ave., Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: meatloaf or catfish
  • The Dixie House Cafe (6200 E Lancaster Ave Fort Worth, TX 76112) (817) 451-6180
    • Breakfast served all day
      • What to get: Biscuits and gravy