As you know, Wesleyan is undergoing many changes recently with the trees, sidewalks and more trees, but what you do not see is the steps Wesleyan is doing to try to keep us safe.

After spring break all the university faculty and staff was required to receive training about weather, bombs, shooters, and other campus safety issues.

Prior to this semester, staff was not required to take training even though it was indeed offered. Now that all staff members have received trained, students will be next but if you are found in a situation and don’t know what to do there are now new emergency handbooks in class rooms. These handbooks will tell you what you need to do in various situations that we hope don’t occur but can.

Blake O. Bumbard, security manager at Texas Wesleyan, gave the training which helped me see that Texas Wesleyan is improving on training staff on how to make this a safe campus.

One of the topics mentioned at the training was the switch of technology used to alert students via text message and phone calls. While walking around the campus, you may have noticed the kiosks around informing us about the change taking place.

If you are now enrolled in the Wesleyan Emergency Management System, you are now encouraged to go to Ramlink and update your information before April 16th. The information that will only be rolled over to the new system is your Texas Wesleyan email and not your cell phone number.

Students can go to the Texas Wesleyan home page ( and access the far lower right link to “Emergencies” to enroll in the emergency alert plans.

I already signed myself up, and it took less than three minutes. Once you have clicked on Emergencies’ link, you will be directed towards a page and it will say Student sign-up or Employee sign-up, once you have clicked on the tab you will be taken to Ramlink where you will type in your login credentials. After that, you can put in your cell phone number and maybe your parents’ cellphones and check if you want text or voice emergency alerts.

You can even enter an alternative email, house phone, business phone, or campus phone. These are great strides for Texas Wesleyan, and I hope when you are looking at the web page, you do look through the tabs for different safety scenarios. Campus security never wants anything any hazards to happen, and it does not hurt to be prepared.