Aaron Whaley, the supervisor of the Insanity fitness program and the director of the Morton Fitness Center, recently discussed how the Insanity routine gives great cardiovascular benefits to students and faculty/staff of all fitness levels.

Several students who have taken the fitness classes also weighed in about the schedule and opportunities it gave.

April 1st was one of his most important workout dates, and he acknowledged how he uses insanity as a reinforcement  to kick-start any day of laziness and spoke of approaching fitness and its resolutions at Wesleyan .

Whaley mentioned the importance of group fitness performance. As an instructor from former experience, he acknowledged the significance of motivation held in a class and not as in a personal workout.

“From a motivating factor,” he said, “I think group fitness is a great way to inspire and motivate people to kind of take their fitness to the next level. Group fitness, whether it’s out there doing weights or cardio I think group fitness class setting is fun as well.

“When I see people in a group fitness setting,” Whaley said, “they kind of motivate each other. If one girl or guy is just going really hard, and they are pushing to the limit the next person next to them, they will kind of feed from that. Then it pushes them to go to the next level.”

Whaley also noted that he is a massive supporter of bringing in someone to help people work out with because it brings out an accountability reason. If someone wants to work out with another person or persons, it holds them accountable. It also makes them responsible for the workout and keeps them on that schedule. Working in a group continues to bring out the positive actions of being able to motivate people and work hard as a team.

One Insanity student suggested that the class brings about certain elements of how actively the levels progress.

“If you have not taken a class,” she said, “you’ll feel accomplished, you’ll get a good workout, and you’ll create a community with a group of people you work out with and highly recommend it.”

Students conveyed their potential habits about Whaley’s workout program and endured the fitness class with great provocation and impulse as it drove them to the next level of being able to grasp the entire session with much excitement.

“Well, it’s very motivating,” a Wesleyan staff member said, “knowing that after being gone for so long that I’m able to endure the fitness class again. It was very tough, but it was very worth it.”