University College Day: a day for the Texas Wesleyan student body to flex its intellectual muscles…

Every year TWU hosts a student conference where people can see panel discussions on everything from race and sex to video games and rhetoric. The student body never ceases to amaze me with its creative topics.

Last year I watched a panel discussion on the troubles different ethnicities faced: white, black, green, blue, and all the above. I felt entertained and enlightened. After last year’s festivities, I truly was inspired.

Yes, I will present an exercise of multimodal rhetoric.

“Ruh Roh!” I hear you say. Let me first assure you that this presentation comes with the support and backing of Dr. Stacia Campbell. In fact, she thought so much of this presentation that she encouraged me to present at the Collin County College Conference for Teachers last fall.

I went as the only non-Ph.D. and/or non-professor. The best part of this conference was watching many the Ph.D.’s acting like the “snot-nosed” students they kick out of class. Yes… They were on their phones…tweeting…texting…Facebooking…all of that.

Needless to say, I had a good time observing. Point being: my presentation is safe for all, ahem. I present at 3 p.m. on April 9 in AMB 126. No pressure…

This year’s program boasts presentations such as “Sexuality in World Religions”, Where Have All of the Women Gone?”, and my personal favorite (I haven’t seen it nor do I know the person presenting) “Nuts, Sluts and Perverts Part 6: H. H. Holmes Is America’s First Serial Killer”. With all of this family fun, who would want to miss?

In all seriousness, make plans to attend one or, preferably, more of the presentations. Texas Wesleyan students have loads of intriguing ideas to offer. You should get the inside track on some of the innovative ideas of the future.