The months of February and March at Texas Wesleyan had a total of 19 crimes reported in campus.

Campus security manager Blake Bumbard also has changed the crime log format and makes it easier to follow and more detailed.

Starting on Feb. 2 and ending Feb. 26, the month stood out as being the clear time for students to party. Out of 10 reported crimes, half (five) of them were alcohol violations, two were substance abuse violations, two were burglaries, and one was theft.

The month of March had a total of nine crimes reported. The two months seem to contrast each other: February was heavy with drug and alcohol violations but fairly light with theft. March was just the opposite. Starting on March 2 ending on March 31, the month only saw two alcohol violations, one substance violation, one theft, two acts of vandalism, and three burglaries.

Depending on whether you read the log for information or entertainment, the new format is better for both. Bumbard made only one slight change to the format and made the report more interesting. The daily crime logs that mayt be requested in Bumbard’s office always detailed the date, time, type of incident, place, and disposition. Now included in the log is a summary of the incident, which gives brief details of the crime.

Most of the summaries are what might be seen a the television show such as March 30 “RAs (resident assistants) alerted security alcohol was in the room. Citations issued.” There are some incidents where the summary is helpful: on March 25 “A student reported her bedroom door and frame was damaged.” That happened in the West Village, and the case is still open. If students have information on a reported crime, they could help security close more cases. Then there are a couple of reports that just might everyone chuckle.

“Security responded to a noise complaint,” it said. “Marijuana was observed and students were cited.”

Less than two months from the end of the semester Bumbard commented on campus security.

“It’s been a good semester so far,” he said.

He also noted that April is Domestic and Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, and recent national legislation now provides more rights for students who are victims. On April 8th Bumbard gave a presentation on domestic violence, notably the Campus SaVE Act (Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act).

The SaVE Act builds on the Clery Act, which requires campus to have a publicly available log of all reported crimes on or near their campus.

According to the Clery Center’s website: ”SaVE requires that incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking be disclosed in annual campus crime statistic reports.”

The act also gives written rights to employees or students who report victimization.

Look for the “No More” flyers posted around campus to get more information about awareness and prevention events going on throughout the month of April.

As always lock your doors, hide your valuables, and report any suspicious activity to security. If campus security is not a PDA contact, program the number now at 817-531-4911. Be sure to go by Bumbard’s office in O.C. Armstrong Hall, and request a copy of the campus crime log.