Rambler TV recently interviewed Sharron Carano, the professor of the camping and outdoor education class, and she discussed applying everything they learned in class to the outdoors by preparing the students for a cookout outside their comfort zone from class.

Carano extolled the students’ capabilities towards the camping trip which involves the cookout and the reason to step outside near the Stella hall by the grill for a divulgence evening session.

‘’The cookout today was the students learning to cook by Dutch oven and gas stove,” Carano said, ‘’how to make the ingredients, what the food is going to kind of look like, that it’s not going to look great, but it’s going to taste really good’’.

She also mentioned that one of the international students will be experiencing his participation in the event camping outdoors for the first time in the United States.

‘’I think it’s a new experience for me here in the United States,” a Wesleyan student  in the class said. “I’m excited to go camping because I like kayaking and geocaching.”

In late April, the class would be divided into two groups and group one will unleash their intimacy by the lake mineral wells before Easter (April 20). The second group will follow their way after Easter. Both groups will be participating in this event in order to build their skills outside class and connect with one another by applying their class knowledge outdoors and working as a team.