After being in Texas for almost four years now, I’ve found that breakfast here is very different to anything I’ve had before.

For example people eat Southern foods like biscuits with gravy, grits and pancakes.  In Europe people tend to have a light continental breakfast that includes fruit or perhaps a yogurt, but the mindset if very different over here.  In the United Kingdom we have a famous breakfast called the English breakfast, which consists of many different foods, it always comes with bacon, eggs, baked beans and toast with the options of grilled tomato, toast, sausages, hash browns, grilled mushrooms, and black pudding.

The strangest food included is definitely the black pudding, which many people have probably never heard of, and the funny thing about the black pudding is that it’s not a pudding at all but a sausage made from pigs’ blood, onions, herbs, spices, oatmeal and fried before served.

It is known for being very unhealthy but is okay to eat from time to time. I would recommend trying it if you ever take a trip over to Europe as it is all over Europe for centuries, and is certainly something you will remember.

Most people eat cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, but if you happen to have family in town or you’re in need for a major meal to kick-start your day then the following list of breakfast food joints will help you choose the best place for you.

After doing some research and speaking to expert foodie and Chef Kelly Burton, who graduated from Wesleyan last semester, we came up with this list of unique must visit places to eat not too far away from campus in Fort Worth.


  • Corner Bakery Cafe (615 Main St., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Cinnamon roll or Swiss Oatmeal
  • Downtown location, close to convention center
  • Cast Iron at Omni Fort Worth Hotel (1300 Houston St., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Omelet from the omelet bar and grits
  • Esperanza’s Mexican Café and Bakery (1601 Park PIace, Ft. Worth)
    • What to get: Chocolate croissant or breakfast taco
      • Vickery Blvd Cafe (4120 W. Vickery Blvd. Ft. Worth)
      • What to get: Breakfast Montecristo with hash browns
      • Serves breakfast and lunch
      • Ol’ South Pancake House ( 1509 S. University Dr., Ft Worth)
        • What to get: Hashed corned beef or scrambled egg with jalapeno tomatoes and cheese
        • West Side Cafe (7950 Camp Bowie West, Ft Worth)
          • What to get: The Cowboy breakfast –Three eggs, bacon or sausage with pancakes