Since moving to Texas four years ago, I’ve noticed that my eating habits have changed, and the food I eat is different to what I would eat back home In the United Kingdom.

In my last review of the best breakfasts in Fort Worth, I looked some of the best places to have a bite to eat in the mornings. This issue looks at area bakeries.

In England every town and city has multiple bakeries; it seems there is just as many banks on a typical high street back at home than there are bakeries. In Texas people have to search for a bakery, and when they find one it serves food I wouldn’t normally associate with a bakery.

For example, the bakeries in the U.K sell lots of different types of fresh bread, which was cooked in the back room, generally. On top of this, they will have pre-made sandwiches, bagels, cakes, and even hot foods such a steak and kidney pie or a Cornish pasty’s (basically a beef pie that has potatoes, carrots, onion, rutabaga, ground beef, ground pork, pepper, and salt mixed in).

I remember thinking it would be a similar setup in the states, but I was very wrong, I made the mistake of going into a Dixie House Café and was told they don’t sell bread and only serve a variety of cakes.

The boss there showed me the menu which had lots of different breakfast and lunch options, but I left in disappointment because all I wanted was a fresh loaf of bread. I just could not understand why it was called a bakery café.

There also are a few bakeries around Fort Worth that sell a quality fresh choice of cakes and lots of little doughnut shops that only open in the mornings. The hours of these places confuse me also because bakeries in the Europe and even when I traveled to South America are open all day and some even in the evening.

The bakeries in Fort Worth vary, so make sure you check before you go and end up being disappointed in the selections. Sometimes these cafes or doughnut shops call themselves a bakery, but it is important to remember a bakery is defined by Webster’s dictionary and other sources as “a place where bread and cakes are made or sold” and not a place where only doughnuts and mini sausage rolls are available.

After doing some research and speaking to expert foodie and chef Kelly Burton, who graduated from Wesleyan last semester, we came up with this list of unique must-visit places to eat. They are not too far away from campus in Fort Worth.

  • Bakeries
  • Corner Bakery Cafe (615 Main St., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Cinnamon roll or Swiss Oatmeal
  • Downtown location, close to convention center
  • Black Rooster Bakery (2430 Forest Park, Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: French toast muffin
  • Great selection of croissants
  • Esperanza’s Mexican Café and Bakery (1601 Park PI, Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Chocolate croissant
  • Blue Bonnet (4705 Camp Bowie Blvd., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Large selection of themed cookies
  • Swiss Pastry Shop (3936 W. Vickery Blvd, Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Black forest cake or éclairs
  • Has been in business for 42 years
  • Stir Crazy Baked Goods (106 E Daggett Ave., Ft. Worth)
  • What to get: Carrot cake
  • Busy B’s Bakery (2820 Denton Highway , Haltom City)


  • What to get: kolaches or croissants