For the past six years Dr. Greg Gullion, associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at Wesleyan, has presented a crime education series called “Nuts, Sluts, and Perverts” that has been featured at University College Day.

“I titled it this to catch people’s attention,” Gullion said, “and seeing as though this is part six, it seems to be working.”

This year the presentation focused on the first known serial killer H.H. Holmes (1861-96). The presentation included five students: Misty Wilkins, Taylor Richards, Deborah Kimbuta, Trevor Baxtor, and Krzystof Szpringiel.

Holmes was one of America’s first chronicled serial killer, and he falls under the nuts’ category of the series. He traveled from Chicago to Texas and other places and all along the way he was killing people – not just men, but women and children. He had no remorse, but he was smart. He had detectives from many states tracking him and it took them many years to finally prove he was guilty of any crime.

He built and owned a hotel, which was just a front for an area he liked to call a “murder castle.” This Chicago hotel was equipped with trap doors, gas chambers and many other sinister things. He even tried to build one in downtown Fort Worth.

Kimbuta said during the presentation she even tried to find the Fort Worth location.

“I went downtown to find the location he attempted to build this so called ‘castle,’ “ she said. “ It is pretty cool to think about because that location is currently a restaurant called the Flying Saucer (113 E. 3rd St.).”

Knowing that Holmes tried to set up shop in Texas made it even more interesting for those people in the audience from the Fort Worth area. It will be interesting to see what next year’s part seven ”Nuts, Sluts and Perverts” presentation will contain.