I probably speak for all the graduating seniors this semester when I say that we are very excited to be graduating, and some of us are a little sad that we are also leaving Wesleyan.

But as we are nearing the end of the semester and looking forward to graduation and to the future, the one thing that we also should be thinking about is: what’s next? What’s next after college? What should we do now that we are graduating?

As we are moving out of our dorm rooms for the last time and no longer have to worry about signing up for classes or buying and selling books from the bookstore or even staying up late working on finals, we should think our futures. We should start looking for a job or graduate school. We should begin by asking ourselves what should we be looking for in a career right out of college.

This is the time when students – both graduating and non-graduating – can go to the Career Services Center, located alongside with the International Office at the Brown-Lupton Campus Center, for assistance.

The Career Services Center is where students can go to receive advice for perfecting their resumes or to have a mock interview. A practice interview in Career Services gives students experience in the interview and important critiques about how they can improve.

The center also provides postings for jobs as well as professional development workshops, career counseling, graduate school assistance, and so much more.

I urge every student to take advantage of the resources that the Career Service Center offers. All of us can gain some experience and insight about interviews, writings resumes and what we should look for in a job.

The one, best piece of advice that you can get when going to interviews comes from Robyn Bone, director of Career Services.

“You need to have confidence in you skills and abilities,” she said. “It will show during your interviews with employers.”

Students can connect with Career Services by setting up an appointment online at the Career Link as a Student/Alumni at www.txwes.edu/career, or by email to careerservices@txwes.edu, or by phone: 817-531-6512.