It has been my pleasure and honor to serve the students of this great university.

Throughout the year there have been strides and improvements made to continue the success of Wesleyan. The Student Government Association took pride in working for the students and producing results.

Some of our projects included fixing the sidewalks, partnering to build the sand volleyball court, partnering to renovate the workout room in Sid Richardson, the single stream recycling program, upgrading the Commuter Lounge in room 219 in the church, the Travel Abroad Scholarships, and other student concerns.

The 93rd Legislature has been so awesome to work with, and I cannot imagine working with anyone else. You all were wonderful and it has been an honor to serve you. This year has definitely been a success for SGA, and I look forward to hearing what SGA will accomplish next in 2014-15.

As graduation approaches, I will miss my Wesleyan family. Over the course of four years I have built bonds and everlasting friendships. I want to send a special thanks to President Frederick Slabach, Pati Alexander and Dr. Allen Henderson for their support.

I also would like to thank Dr. Michelle Payne, Assistant Dean Chris Windsor and Dean of Students Cary Poole for their contributions to SGA. Most importantly, thank you to the students of Texas Wesleyan, not only are you our purpose for existence but you hold SGA accountable. SGA values more than anything the student’s voice and we will forever uphold it.

Once again, I have enjoyed serving you all and you have truly been a blessing to me. God bless you and God bless Texas Wesleyan University.