home openerI know a lot of Cleveland fans are still jaded by Lebron’s ridiculous and over-hyped departure for the sunny and warm beaches of Miami. And I know no one can hold a grudge like Cleveland fans (At Model and the Browns ring any bells?) But let me offer this to Cavs fans…You need Lebron like a flower needs sun.

Take a look at the Cavs recent history. In 2003 the Cavs drafted the young star-in-the-making James with the first overall pick in the draft. Cleveland finished 9th in the Eastern Conference…not much to talk about I know, but James did win the Rookie-of-the-Year award. Within three years of the Lebron show the Cavs went to the NBA finals – ultimately losing to the unstoppable Spurs. The Cavaliers went to seed five out of James’s seven years in Cleveland.

Enter 2010 and the Lebron Decision debacle. James jilted the city of Cleveland and joined Dewayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form “The Big Three”, and Cleveland went from 1st in the East to 15th in 2011. Talk about the bottom falling out. The Cavaliers haven’t sniffed the playoffs since James’s departure. In fact, the Cavs haven’t finished above 10th in the Eastern Conference.

Fast-forward to June 25. In a semi-surprise announcement Lebron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat almost causing the same spectacle as before. Loads of fans across the nation held their collective breaths in anticipation for Lebron’s decision. Fans from Los Angeles to New York (and yes…even here in the DFW area) coveted the four-time MVP. Everyone wanted James’s talent…except Cleveland fans.

But Cleveland, you need James. He’s your best chance at a title. Partner him with the current group of talent, namely current MVP and NBA stand-out Kyrie Irving. Partnering James and Irving will give the Cavs an excellent edge in the NBA East.

Lebron has already proved that he can share the “lime-light” with his partnering with Wade and Bosh. James is a proven winner, something the Cavaliers desperately need to get them over the hump. Last and certainly most importantly, James has done it with the Cavs before.

Lebron James to Cleveland…who wins? Everyone.