The Tex20140814_141339as Wesleyan Rambler office in Art North was broken into July 22.

Several cameras, video recorders and computers were missing. No one was injured.

Dr. Kay Colley, Head of department of Mass Communications, discovered the crime scene       around 8:30 a.m.

“At first everything seemed normal” Colley said.” The front door was locked but I began to      notice small things out of place, and that is when I found the open door and the broken window in the back of the office. The glass looked like it had been kicked out, from the inside of the room. If the door was open, why would they kick out the window. It just looks suspicious.”

According to the Texas Wesleyan security crime log, three similar burglaries have been reported since the end of May. One was at Brown Lupton Center, when a cellphone was stolen from a member of a cleaning crew. In another incident, when someone tried to steal a picture off the wall at Morton Fitness. The picture was recovered a short distance away. During June a security guard caught two persons trying to steal construction materials from the firehouse.

Wesleyan Security Chief Blake Bumbard said 30 security cameras that will be installed around campus “any day now” and will be focused on the dorms and common areas.

“Getting these cameras installed has been a long process,” he said. “All of the cameras will also be recording, so we can review the footage at any time.”

“They have been talking about installing cameras for years,” Colley said. “We‘ll see what will happen.”