Texas Wesleyan University President Frederick G. Slabach announced Wednesday a new strategy for the current Smaller Smarter marketing campaign.

Speaking at Martin Hall, Slabach said the new campaign will feature four commercials, new slogans and advertising through t-shirt give-a-ways for students and staff.

“Over the last two years we have seen the smaller, smaller go from an advertising campaign to becoming part of the Universities identity,” Slabach said. “We have the market’s attention now it’s critical that we keep it.”

As part of the new Wesleyan campaign, a one-time only sixty-second commercial will play during the Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins Monday night football game on Oct. 27, said Darren White, director of marketing and communications.

“The commercial will be shown sometime during the first half of the game,” White said.
The new commercials will feature a new format, sayings, music and graphics, said Sheri Jackson, art director at Texas Wesleyan.
The four new commercials are a new twist on the previous commercials with a touch of humor, Jackson said.

All four commercials feature Texas Wesleyan students and faculty, as opposed to actors, said Chuck Greeson, university videographer. “We had a casting call where the students sent in an audition video, and we choose who we wanted from there.”

The four new commercials, featured below, will be online and on television, said Slabach.
“Not only is DFW hearing our message, they like what they are hearing,” Slabach said.