It’s a new year and a new season of sports. With every season, there are always

bandwagons. There are two types of bandwagons. Type one being the ones who claim they are

a “fan” of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support or interest in the team

until that team started winning. The other type of bandwagons fans are the ones who go for a

certain player but say they like the team they are on. I will give you an example of both types

later on but, yes I know what you are thinking. Who would do such a horrible thing? The thing

about bandwagon fans is that they will like a team in the east coast in football but will like a

team in the west coast for basketball. They are everywhere and honestly, bandwagon fans do not

deserve to be a part of sports.


First I will talk about the bandwagon fan that only likes a particular player but

claim the team. As a loyal Los Angeles Lakers fan, it is hard to cope with the fact that they are

not very good but I stick with them through thick and thin. Then you have people like my

brother who follow NBA star LeBron James wherever he goes. LeBron James was drafted by the

Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2003. When he joined the team, the Cavaliers started winning and

with the wins, came the bandwagon fans including my brother saying they are Cavs fans. During

his time with the Cavaliers my team, the Lakers, was winning Championships so I could stand

my ground if any LeBron bandwagon wanted to talk trash to me. But then it got worse. LeBron

James decided to leave the Cavaliers and go to the Miami Heat. All of sudden those people were

not Cavaliers fans but now Heat fans. While LeBron James played with the Heat, they won 2

championships. Everywhere I looked, there was LeBron James.


He was on the T.V, social media, and people wearing his jerseys at my high school. It is a disease that even spread to some

of my closest friends that I thought was true fans. Me being a Lakers fan, I was trash talked by so

many LeBron James bandwagon fans, including my brother. My Lakers sucked while he was on

the Heat so I was vulnerable like never before. Multiple bandwagon fans insulted me and I could

not do anything except take it like a loyal fan would. It felt like a bunch of flies constantly

irritating you. The thing is though, is that these people talking trash to me know nothing about

that team besides LeBron James. To prove that I am right, there is a video by Jimmy Kimmel

where some of his people go to Miami and ask questions to supposedly Heat fans but exposes

them as being bandwagon fans.

Watch the video and you can see that these bandwagons know nothing about the own team they

represent. Now LeBron James is going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2014- 2015

season. Everybody is a Cavaliers fan again and the Heat are nothing to them anymore. Now it is

going to be even worse than before because other big name basketball players are going to that

team to help LeBron James.


Another example of sports bandwagon fans is in football. Back in 2007 the New England

Patriots went undefeated in the regular season. Everybody in my middle school was Patriots

fans. I was not as mentally strong in middle school as I was in High school. So I was ready to

fight anyone that talked trash to me saying the Patriots were the best. Also talking about my

Cowboys is like talking about my mother so I had a lot of heated conversations with bandwagon

fans. Unlike the LeBron bandwagon, the Patriots bandwagon ended pretty quickly when they

finally lost at the Superbowl. The funny thing is, is that you did not see any bandwagon fans.

They went into silence and when you asked them what happened to their team, all they said was

their not my team.


Also I noticed that none of these “Patriots” fans were not mad or sad about

them losing the Superbowl. If that was my team, I would have been ready to tackle somebody

the next day. Still being a Dallas Cowboys fan, I was trash talked a lot during the time of the

Patriots undefeated streak. Every time I asked why they liked the Patriots, the only thing they

would say was, “because they’re awesome!” Coming from a true football fan that was the most

annoying thing to hear. The reason why is because as a true fan, you stick with that team through

everything. If the Cowboys lost, I didn’t care because that is my team. If they didn’t make the

playoffs, I did not care because that is my team. I feel like I am married to the Dallas Cowboys.

I support them through sickness and in health. Then you have these bandwagons that only go for

the team that is winning and then talk trash to you. Do not get me wrong, I love some trash talk.

I love to have a good conversation with somebody on why my team is better than theirs. I do not

love trash talk coming from a person that knows nothing of that team that they say is their team.


Bandwagon fans have grown more and more. It is frustrating and it does not make the

game fun. Sports are supposed to build friendships and are built to have fun with. Instead you

have bandwagon fans that ruin the game and make it not fun. Sports would be better if it did not

have bandwagon fans. They just do it because everyone else is doing it and to me, that sounds

like a follower. Pick a team that you will love and still stick with them no matter what happens

to them. It makes it that more sweet when your team finally wins the championship. Bandwagon

fans do not deserve to be a part of sports.