Dallas/ Fort Worth residents rally to change marijuana laws in Texas. The group is called DFW NORML and they are calling for Texas legislator to make marijuana legal.

NORML stands for the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws and the organization has grown nationally since it was created in 1975. This nonprofit organization has been fighting to end marijuana prohibition by lobbying senators to vote on behalf of pro marijuana bills.

It is illegal to buy, sell or own any amount of marijuana in Texas. Marijuana is also classified as a class I narcotic by the federal government.

Max Davidson, the legislative coordinator for DFW NORML said “NORML means freedom and liberty. We are working to legalize Texas because we are tired of having to worry about them arresting us and going to jail over having a plant” Davidson said.

DFW NORML is a registered Texas non-profit organization, which means that all of the money raised goes toward furthering the cause of legalization. DFW NORML receives most of its funding from our members.

DFW NORML aims to influence public opinion to the degree that the repeal of marijuana prohibition is inevitable, and the responsible use of cannabis by adults will no longer be considered a crime.

The organization has monthly meetings that are open to the public, and they also sponsor various events around the Metroplex on a regular basis.

On August 30, 2014, NORML hosted a monthly meeting at The House sports bar in Arlington. Over 100 NORML supporters and members showed up to the meeting. The meeting was filled with inspirational speeches given by other NORML member and politicians looking for votes. The meeting allowed for NORML members to openly talk about marijuana reform and share their ideas and thoughts with other marijuana supporters.

Larry Tally, retired NAVY and DFW NORML member opened the meeting. “We as Texans need to urge our leaders to pass legislation that will tax and regulate the sale production and distribution of marijuana such as we have done with other substances like alcohol” Tally said. “It is about ringing the bells of freedom and being free once again, because we are Americans and we want to be free.”

Twenty- three states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and three more are pending legislation. Colorado and Washington voted in marijuana for recreational use, so anyone 21 and older can legally buy and consume marijuana for any reason.

Janice Coring a three year member of DFW NORML says that Texas needs medical marijuana now. “There are sick kids out there with epilepsy, and they are going from 50 seizer episodes a day, down to one episode a day on cannabis oil, so why is this still illegal, said Coring. “Legal marijuana here in Texas will give us jobs and happier people.”

Also speaking at the Arlington NORML meeting was Mark Greene who is currently running for congress. He gave a speech and asked for voting support from the members of DFW NORML.  He is not running on a legal marijuana platform, but he is sympathetic to the NORML cause.

So when will marijuana be legal in Texas? “2015” said Davidson. “All of the tax money we can bring in and the jobs we can create. Its literally going to revolutionize the way things are in Texas.”

If you are interested in joining the fight, contact DFW NORML, they are ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time.


Mark Greene, 2015 Texas political candidate.

mark greene

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Ryan Grounds

Ryan Grounds


  1. Chris
    October 6, 2014 at 4:37 am — Reply

    AMEN!… It’s our RIGHT to be able to grow a plant and smoke it… And plus it cures our children and families from diseases.. I can’t belive that it’s stil not legalized,, when we have sick kids that would love to feel better.. But CAN’T because our government officials are too hard headed and won’t do the thing to help legalize a cure for our children and families so they feel better.. I guess you could call our government selfish since they don’t think about the people that really need to legalized cannabis to live their life in comfort.. We have a tobacco and alcohol legal, which is more harmful then cannabis and didn’t cure anything like cannabis does.. So what the problem with legalizing cannabis…? There isn’t anything except our government officials arnt wanting to do anything.. Legalization would so help our world and life and children and families.. It would protect our children and families from the dangerous street thugs,, except the thugs geting the money from cannabis,, our government could get the money and that way our children and families are safe and going into a licensed store to purchase their cannabis. And here in Texas could use some of that profit from the legal cannabis to go towards security at our border.. So we can benefit off legal cannabis so many ways.. We can use cannabis as fuel for our cars and so many other stuff.. I really can’t belive that our officials are so ignorant that they don’t see the facts and the good from cannabis.. I really hope our officials open their eyes and see that our American people need cannabis.. And I think it’s crazy we are stil having drug wars on cannabis when it’s such a good thing.. And it’s a right that the American people have, and they do smoke cannabis if they please.. So just stop wasting our money and do something that will work.. legalizing cannabis would so the miracle of so many lives here in America.. If I was an official I would be smart and legalize cannabis because it’s the RIGHT thing to do,, for the American people who have rights,, that include being able to grow and smoke a harmless plant.. Amen!.

  2. David
    October 13, 2014 at 8:58 pm — Reply

    Time to start putting an Axe to regulations! We don’t need more politicians who’s sole goals are to write MORE regulations. It starts with We The People acting more civil to each other daily. Put down the phones when u are driving. Help your neighbors. Stop hating on church organizations. Stop driving like you’re the only person on this planet. And on and on and on! This all starts at home. Like the stupid reporter who quit her job all cry baby like and said, F@#k this I quit; you could have quit in a classy way but no…. you made us all look like childish fools!

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