The new Texas Wesleyan University Smaller. Smarter. commercial will air tonight during the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins game on WFAA and ESPN.

The new ads use a series of 15-second humorous TV commercials that showcases the Smaller. Smarter. campaign, said Darren White, director of marketing and communications.

“The commercial will air on WFAA Channel 8 during the first quarter and a 30-second version will air on ESPN during the first half of the game,” said White.

The commercial will only be broadcast in the DFW area, said White.  The commercials will not be shown nationally.

The game starts at 7:30 p.m. at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

“Last week WFAA picked up the game, so we bought time on their station. The Cowboys are doing well this year, so expect a big viewership in this area,” said White.

The Smaller. Smarter. campaign began three years ago and has been successful. The ads use humor and happy smiling people to showcase Texas Wesleyan.

“After three years of funny we’re going to leverage all of that into this . . . spot,” said John Veilleux, vice president of marketing and communications, on

The spot cost the university $25,000 and required purchases from more than 15 cable companies in the local market area because of its unusual length, Veilleux said.

Texas Wesleyan levered its relationships with the cable companies for a discount off of what likely would cost $40,000 for a single ad, Veilleux said.

Cable traditionally costs less than broadcast because of reach, but Veilleux estimated Texas Wesleyan will still reach 78 percent of the audience.