November is Financial Literacy Month at Texas Wesleyan University, and starts with a kick-off event on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at the Campus Mall. The event will be held 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., and a free lunch will be provided for students, faculty, and staff who visit sponsors’ tables to get financial information. Part of the event will include Financial Football held by the Mortar Board, and Tag Day-Financial Philanthropy hosted by Alumni Relations. Career Services is also having an event, “speed interviewing for a job”, as part of the occasion, which will be held from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. in the Baker Building. Financial Literacy games at the Mall will include “The REAL Game of Life,” “Giant Jenga,” and “Financial Literacy Monopoly. Other locations on campus will have “Financial Literacy Trivia,” and “Moolah Jeopardy.” Dr. Deborah Roark, the Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs and External Relations, said that the Financial Literacy Month is important for students because they are going to be taught life skills that go beyond the classroom. “We believe that it’s important for our students to understand finances and personal finances, and the significance of that in their lives in the future,” Roark said. Throughout the month, more than 20 events will be held on campus Roark said. These include games, presentations, and workshops that students can attend to earn raffle tickets.  Students may also receive extra credit for participating in the events – so check with your professor. By earning the raffle tickets, students have the chance of winning beats wireless headphones, a Kindle Fire HD7, a dorm-sized television, an iPod shuffle, a Keurig Mini, 3 $250 tuition scholarships, and 2 $100 VISA Gift Cards said Roark. Students can also receive other gadgets, accessories, and Ram swag for answering questions correctly. The workshops will include “The Psychology of Debt & Spending,” “Managing Money in Your Marriage,” “Predatory Lending,” “Holiday Spending Tips,” and “Ballin’ on a Budget.” Sandra Myers, the project coordinator doing the day-to-day operations for Financial Literacy Month, said that she is really excited to see how students will handle the events. “It is going to be really cool to see how students take an idea and make it their own,” Myers said. Myers said she is enthusiastic about Financial Literacy Month because there are a lot of creative events to help students get the information they need. She is most excited for “Ballin’ on a Budget.” “Having fun on a budget is important,” Myers said. Dr. Roark also said that the events are helpful with credit card balances, and what it means to your credit history and interest rate. “It’s great to be going to college,” Roark said, “but you are also trying to plan for your future. This is just one of those pieces in planning your future.” This is the first year the university will be having Financial Literacy Month, and was made possible by a completive grant from Higher One said Myers. “We have undertaken other, smaller, educational offerings on financial literacy but nothing of this magnitude,” said Myers. “The grant from Higher One was the seed money to get us ramped up to do something big.” Information will be posted around campus about the days and times of the upcoming events.  For more information, visit the News and Events page.