On Tuesday, a small group of Texas Wesleyan University veterans and students huddled together on the mall to show their support for Veterans Day.

The wind blew cold and everyone that passed the table in front of the West Library was offered a bag of Frito pie.

More than 50 people passed by the event got their free food and thanked the veterans for their service, said Jasmine Tuya, coordinator of Student Activities and Leadership.

The event was organized by a group of veteran students who wanted to show their support for the national holiday. They did this because, Tuya said, “there is no veterans club on campus.”

“This is an attempt to try and reactivate the veterans club,” said Tuya.

Will Massey, a history major and veteran, said that Wesleyan needs a veterans club.

“The only way you can get get information anymore is from other vets,” said Massey. “The V.A. won’t tell you anything.”

Michael Duncan, former president of Texas Wesleyan University Veteran’s Club, also helped organize the event. Duncan is a business administration major and has attended Wesleyan since 2011.

“I was president of the club last semester,” said Duncan who served in the Army for 10 years “I left for a little bit and it just kind of fell to the way side, but I am hoping to get it going again.”

The club is hoping for support from the veterans of Wesleyan and someone willing to lead the legacy for the next several years.

“We are looking for veterans who want to keep this going for several more years,” said Duncan.