We asked seven people what they were going to do for the holidays, and this is what they told us.

Phyllis Moore is a cafeteria employee and she is excited about the holidays.

“I just love to be around friends and family for the holidays and just to see everyone doing well is enough for me.”







International freshman student Preneeth Udumalagala, is majoring in business management. He is far from home. He is originally from Sri Lanka and will be visiting with friends in Dallas.

“I am excited about celebrating my first American holiday and looking forward to having a good time.”






Kaleen Washington is a sophomore majoring in mass communications.

Her holiday plans involve moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to start her new journey at Louisiana State University.

“I’m excited about my new move and I will be getting situated in Louisiana for the holidays, but I’m going to miss Texas Wesleyan so much.”







William Veliz is a junior psychology major.

“I’m going to El Paso with my family and just enjoy the fact that I’m at home surrounded around love.”







Jordan Boone is a junior business management major.

Boone is planning on taking a trip to Shreveport, Louisiana for the holiday’s to be with his family.

“It’s a tradition to go down to Louisiana around the holidays and have some good fun and fellowship with family.”







Kiersten Mebane is a freshman psychology major and volleyball player.

Mebane is going to be right here in Fort Worth with family and friends for the holidays.

“I am just glad that the holidays around the corner so I can relax and rejuvenate myself for another semester.”







Junior Isaac Johnson, business management major, is planning to relax for the holidays.

“I live about 45 minutes away in Denton so I am just going to go home and just relax with my family looking forward to my friends coming home from college and just hanging out.”