In high school, Abbey Borghee was the bookworm, the nerd–completely committed to her academics.  She was also passionate about music and drama. She was involved in everything except sports, fitness, working out and anything that had to do with recreational activity.

Four and a half years and 80 pounds later, Borghee has done a complete 180.

Borghee, a junior political science major with pre-law emphasis, is currently the vice president of the Student Government Association, president of Phi Alpha Delta, secretary of Texas Wesleyan’s chapter of College Republicans, a President’s Ambassador, program assistant for Texas Wesleyan’s Pre-Professional program, and head delegate for Texas Wesleyan’s Model Arab League team.

“My weekly schedule is crazy, balancing school and fitness,” Borghee said. “But I always tell people that you make time for what you love. You’ll figure it out one way or another.”

Even with her new commitment to fitness, Borghee maintains an excellent academic record.  She is a Hatton Sumners Scholar, which requires a minimum3.0 GPA. Borghee is also  Dean’s List recipient.

Borghee said coming to Wesleyan and beginning college was the step in starting her fitness journey.

“When I came to Wesleyan it all solidified my goals, and I was really on a great path. I had a schedule going, and I think that pushed me into getting involved with fitness and the nutrition aspect of that,” Borghee.  “I think you really need to be in a good place personally in order to focus on yourself. I think that’s what was the kickstart to my fitness journey.”

Borghee said her personal life before college also made a big impact on her life change.

“I think it had a lot to do with where I was at in my life,” she said.  “Things had settled down at home; my parents had gotten divorced, and it was a lot more calm.  I was a senior in high school, and I was finally becoming confident with who I was. I knew where I had come from, who I was at the time, and where I wanted to go.”

Borghee has people who have helped her along her journey.  One resource has been the Morton Fitness Center at Texas Wesleyan.

“I can honestly say that all the things I’ve been able to accomplish, and the muscles I’ve been able to build, and my whole fitness journey could not have been possible without the Morton Fitness Center,” Borghee said. “The people there are willing to help you out, spot you in the gym, give you tips on what to eat, what to stay away from.”

Aaron Whaley, director of Morton Fitness Center, is just one of the people who has seen Borghee’s determination in action.

“Abbey is a go-getter,” Whaley said. “She has a great attitude, always smiling, work ethic is out of this world, so consistent and so determined. She loves a challenge; if you doubt her, she will prove you wrong. If she wants it bad enough, she will out-work you, and she will get it.”

Even those who interact with Borghee outside of the gym recognize her character, as it reflects in all areas of life.  Tyler Mendez, a senior political science major with pre-law emphasis, is the student body president and works alongside Borghee in SGA.

“Consistency is the most important thing in anything that we do,” Mendez said. “This includes school, working out, SGA, or anything else you are committed to.  That is one of Abbey’s biggest strengths. You can put determination on it, or desire, but the biggest aspect that she has is that she is consistent with what she does, and she always does it well.  She does a great job in whatever she does, and that’s why she is where she is.”