Dr. Frank G. Norwood reminisces about his time at Texas Wesleyan.

Texas Wesleyan opened its 2015 academic year and 125th anniversary with a history lesson.

In his keynote speech on Tuesday at Nicholas Martin Hall, Dr. Frank G. Norwood, former dean and retired professor of business, talked about Wesleyans’ history and how far the university has come.

“Fifty-five years ago I was the youngest staff member of the opening assembly for Wesleyan and had to take roll,” he said. “I also learned that professors do not wear gowns because it’s cold – it’s to let the students know who is important.”

Convocation is held every year at the beginning of the fall semester, and it usually describes what Wesleyan is doing to improve the university, according to txwes.edu. 

This year, Norwood provided the audience with his own personal history of the school as he remembered it.

“I miss teaching, my students and colleagues; I am thankful for all of the years Wesleyan gave me,” he said.

Dr. Twyla Miranda, faculty chair, gave Norwood’s background and contributions to Wesleyan.

“Frank was chosen as Top Professor by Mortarboard Students and received the Ram Mentor Award from the Texas Wesleyan University Athletic Department,” she said.

Dr. John Fisher, a Wesleyan music professor, said he has known Norwood for a long time.

“He was here when I got here way back when, and this is probably one of the best convocations Wesleyan has had,” he said.

Jacob Chesney, a new freshman education major, said he is excited about his first semester at Wesleyan, and thought the convocation was very formal.

“I liked it,” he said. “I want to be around any time the university is doing something of importance so I can put myself out there and make a contribution.”

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Jared Rabye

Jared Rabye

Jared Rabye is a sophomore at Texas Wesleyan University majoring in mass communication with a focus in journalism. He is a member of the Rambler news team as a content producer. He joined the Rambler this fall.
Some of his interests include sports, watching television and making the best out of every day.
Here’s a fun fact about Jared: He was in the Navy for four years before attending TWU and he has many gray hairs to show for it. So if you're walking around the office and see the young looking gentleman with a little frost on top it's probably Jared.

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