There have been times that the Rambler Media Group has not been seen as a reputable student news organization. Many controversial topics have not been researched well enough, or reporters did not respect their sources.

And maybe that is because so many past members have had the mindset that we are a small school and a small newspaper. But they should have been wanting to do more. They should have been craving improvement and seeking awards. They used being a small school as a crutch instead of being a tool.

I am going to change that.

In the next three months, my goal is to give Texas Wesleyan a media source that students can depend on.

I am not saying that we are going to be perfect, but I am saying we are going to strive for perfection.

We are working harder than we ever have before.

We want to show this university that things are going to be different, which is why we are rebranding.

We have redone our website,, to be more mobile and user friendly. We have created new logos and are working to provide a face to Rambler Media Group through different public relations and marketing tactics.

I am working to make the newspaper more student-oriented by providing more interesting stories and creating extra online features to some stories.
We are focusing on creating a more visually appealing paper with more graphics, photos and illustrations to provide context to the stories.

Rambler TV is working to offer a fun addition to the newscast called “The Weekender,” which will give students information on events going on in Fort Worth.
The team is also aspiring to do more newscasts throughout the semester than previous semesters.

But I, along with my fellow editors and directors, can’t do it without our team.

This semester, instead of being a boss, I want to be a coach. I want to teach my team how to become a better media organization, so that once I have graduated, they will continue to improve and aspire to do more.

I am going to inspire them to work to be the best student newspaper Wesleyan has seen.


My team is the most valuable asset I have to help turn this organization around, and my hope is that they will keep my passion and determination going for the team after them.

And one of the ways I am going to show my team how to be passionate about the community they serve is by having The Rambler Relaunch party Thursday during free period.

I invite you to come meet the team and see the improved Rambler Media Group.

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Valerie Spears

Valerie Spears

Valerie Spears is a senior studying mass communications and is graduating in December 2015. She started working for The Rambler as a content producer in the spring of 2015 and was promoted to Editor-in-Chief for the fall 2015 semester. Valerie plans on attending graduate school to obtain her Master of Business Administration in Marketing in the fall of 2016.

Her interests include caring for animals, cooking, hiking, photography and discovering new places. She hardly wears her shoes, so if you need to find her in the office, look for the short girl with no shoes on.

Her awards include:
• Reporter of the year- Rambler Media Group
• Honorable Mention- Public Relations Crisis Management -TIPA 2015
• 2nd Place- Best in Show (The Rambler, Vol. 99 Issue 2) -TIPA - createdlLayout, graphic design, and content

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