The Texas Wesleyan Student Government Association discussed several topics on Thursday, including international students being dropped from their classes for non-payment, unlit parking for night students, and a new location for the prayer room.

The International Program is currently working to reinstate the international students who have been dropped from fall classes, said International Student Representative Mohanad Hasona.

“The students have 21 to 30 days to move out or get their status back or they get deported,” Hasona said.

Wesleyan’s new policy this semester is that international students are “deregistered” for non-payment of tuition and fees due to the high number of students who neither paid nor set up payment plans in the past, according to John Veilleux, vice president of marketing & communications.

Hasona also said that the reinstatement process should go smoothly if students follow it correctly.

Dr. Michelle Payne, SGA faculty representative, celebrated four years with the association and was presented with an award by President Abbey Borghee.

“I am excited about all the new faces this semester and the potential,” Payne said.

Vice President Zahraa Saheb said that moving the prayer room was brought up over the summer to Dean of Students Dennis Hall by herself and SGA Secretary Zurra Hemani.

The prayer room used to be at the Morton Fitness Center, but was moved to Otho C. Armstrong Hall, one of the residence halls, Saheb said.

That location is “sort of a bad location because we have commuters and it was all the way back there,” Saheb said. “People would hesitate to go because they were worried about how to get in it, even though it stays open. So people were still not utilizing it.”

She said that on Thursday she met with Library Interim Director Elizabeth Howard, and they looked at a new site for the room on the third floor.

“This is an interfaith prayer room which is not specified by any one religion, and if it is, it will be closed down immediately,” she said.

Saheb also said that action is being taken about the issue of poorly lit parking lots.

Facilities just completed an audit and changed all the lights in the dark area across from the Law Sone Fine Arts Center to LED lights Saheb said.

“Facilities and the Service Desk are planning on creating a new audit on emails concerning the lighting and implementing those concerns there,” she said.






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  1. Jenn
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    Thank you so much for the update!
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