Hitman: Agent 47 is a mediocre film.
The unnamed Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) is part of a classified government program that took emotion out of humans and made them agents. He is programed like a robot and has been told what to do from when he was a child, and he’s the last agent in the program, which was discontinued.
The program includes Katia (Hannah Ware), who was born before him, and an unknown gentlemen calling himself John Smith (Zach Quinto). They all have special powers and are learning to kill people; Agent 47 also has a lot of gadgets, such as lasers and fast cars) and are learning to kill people. Katia’s dad is the scientist in charge of the program.
Agent 47’s scenes feel unplanned. There is no logic when it comes to the movie’s timeline; high-speed chases happen randomly.
The film strives to be a mix between a James Bond film, a Tom Clancy novel and a Jason Bourne film. It has some great action scenes, but seems like any other action movie that includes guns, nice cars, ladies, and high-speed chases.
The movie (85 minutes, rated R) should be a video game; you want to play it more than watch it. The ending strongly suggests that there will be a sequel, and if so, the filmmakers need to work on timing and logic in the future.

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Michael Moates

Michael Moates

Michael Moates is a junior studying psychology set to graduate in 2016. He holds an Associates of Arts with a concentration in psychology. Michael also has a paramedic license in The State of Texas. Michael has worked in 911 dispatch and has training in crisis management. Michael also has his own Advocare business & Team. After graduating from Texas Wesleyan Michael plans to move into his Ph.D. in Psychology in Behavioral Sciences.

His awards include:
Smarter Smaller Scholar -- Texas Wesleyan University
Honors Graduate -- University of Phoenix '14
Veterans of Foreign Wars Medal-- VFW 2013
Leadership/Achievement Award-- Junior ROTC 2013
Yearbook Student of the Year-- Boswell High School '14

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