Photo by Ricardo Cortez Cleanup continues in the Oneal-Sells Administration Building.

Photo by Ricardo Cortez
Cleanup continues in the Oneal-Sells Administration Building.

Flooding on Friday due to heavy rainfall has displaced three offices in the basement of the Oneal-Sells Administration Building, a campus official said.

Human Resources, Institutional Research and The Office of Purchasing were all affected by the flooding over the weekend, said John Veilleux, vice president of marketing and communications.

Human Resources was moved into the Baker Building, Institutional Research was moved to Hill College in Burleson, and Purchasing was moved to the building’s third floor in the finance offices, Veilleux said.

“There is no time table for when those offices will be able to return to the admin building, but we are working with the contractors for the next 48 hours to assess any damages caused by the flooding,” Veilleux said.

There was no standing water by early Monday morning, when purchasing assistant Stephanie Diersen arrived at work.

She said she was surprised at how fast the university moved the purchasing office upstairs, she said.

“IT moved all of our things up to the third floor, and we’re now stationed in the financing conference room,” Diersen said.

By early Monday, afternoon workers were using fans to dry the floor, along with hoses to remove the water.

Friday night, when campus officials were called about the flooding, they were told there was standing water on the first floor of the building, Veilleux said.

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Jared Rabye

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