Dean of Students Dennis Hall sent out an e-mail on Thursday warning Texas Wesleyan students about Return of Kings, a social media group that advocates the legalization of rape and is planning meetings around the country on Saturday.

Hall encourages students to be aware of their surroundings and reminds them that they can contact campus security for an escort.

The reaction to the email among several Wesleyan students was overwhelmingly negative; they thought the subject, and the group, are absurd.

“It’s barbaric, it’s the stereotype of Nordic Vikings thinking because of who they were they had a right to rape and pillage villages,” said Shelby Nowland, a junior Christian studies major, who learned of the group’s existence through a Facebook post from local clergy.

The group’s meetings scheduled for this Saturday have allegedly been cancelled, according to

Hall’s e-mail quotes Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as saying the group is “pathetic” and that “their disgusting viewpoints are not welcome in Texas.”

“The Return of Kings website promotes an anti-feminism philosophy with traditional gender roles and claims that gender equality is a myth and homosexuality is artificial and deviant,” according to

McKenzie Brown, a senior Christian studies major, first learned of the group through the e-mail and then did online research.

Brown said the group is proof that feminism is still needed in our society.

“The unfortunate reality is that these groups exist and they feel that their position is valid,” Brown said.

Stephanie Varuska, a senior marketing major, overheard classmates talking about the e-mail on Thursday afternoon. She wonders if sending out the e-mail was necessary, and worries that it might be giving the group more promotion.

“It is such a ludicrous and ridicules idea that I don’t even know why we are addressing it, other than obvious safety reasons,” Varuska said.

Joseph Jones, a senior criminal justice major, cannot believe the group has been able to set up meetings without being stropped.

“Just like any other crime we need to look into it, find the source and cut off the head and the body will fall,” Jones said. “This is just wrong.”







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Rowan Lehr

Rowan Montgomery Lehr is a graduating senior Liberal Studies major at Texas Wesleyan University. Before attending Texas Wesleyan he earned his Associates of Arts from TCC, where he worked in the Writing and Learning Center. Rowan is currently a content producer for the Rambler at Texas Wesleyan. In his free time Rowan volunteers for the Transfer Ambassadors through Texas Wesleyan and volunteers with the college department of his church in Crowley Texas.

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