Jasmine Lazarky celebrated Thursday’s National Kite Day by hoisting an eagle-shaped kite into the wind.

Lazarky, coordinator of Student Activities & Volunteerism Coordinator and an MBA graduate student, was one of about 15 Wesleyan students to spend free period flying kites on the mall.

Wesleyan decided to coordinate its Kite Day celebration with the national celebration in part because international students enjoy these kinds of events, Lazarky said.

“We try and keep in mind our international population here on campus, and this is something they do often in their home countries,” Lazarky said.

Christina Tuya, a senior education major, found out about Kite Day through the Wesleyan Student Life Facebook page a week ago.

“I was like, I’m going to be on campus, so why not go?” Tuya said.

Tyua said she chose a Superman kite at the beginning, but switched to a colorful airplane kite after the Superman one kept crashing.

Tyua said that Kite Day was awesome and a great way to relieve the stress of projects and upcoming finals.

Maegan Mariscal, a senior criminal justice major and RA for Stella Russell Hall, went to Kite Day because it was a nice day and she likes to be involved on campus.

She said she flew a multi- colored kite that looked like a lady bug and had fun.

“Once you get your kite up going it feels pretty good and it’s kind of relaxing, just getting your kite up there its pretty fun,” Mariscal said.

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Rowan Lehr

Rowan Montgomery Lehr is a graduating senior Liberal Studies major at Texas Wesleyan University. Before attending Texas Wesleyan he earned his Associates of Arts from TCC, where he worked in the Writing and Learning Center. Rowan is currently a content producer for the Rambler at Texas Wesleyan. In his free time Rowan volunteers for the Transfer Ambassadors through Texas Wesleyan and volunteers with the college department of his church in Crowley Texas.

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