Voting for the 2017-2018 Student Government Association candidates, as well as Mr. and Ms. Wesleyan, began Wednesday and will continue through Friday.

Students can vote via a link on an email sent out by Eugene Frier, assistant dean of student engagement, early Wednesday.

The winners will be announced during free period Tuesday at The Rammys, a student awards ceremony, which will be held at Lou’s Place, according to SGA Chief Justice William Wick.

The candidates include:

President: Clarissa Murillo, Nasrullah Sailab, Zahraa Saheb

Vice President: Alejandra Gonzalez, Mohanad Hasona

Treasurer: Sachiko Jayaratne

Secretary: Roberto Contreras, Karlee Nguyen

Head Representative: Cameron Bennett

School of Arts and Letters Representative: John Traxler

School of Education Representative: Dulce Munoz

School of Natural and Social Sciences Representative: Alyssa Hutchinson

International Representative: Hasibullah Aimaq

Ms. Wesleyan: Hamsa Hasona

Mr. Wesleyan: John Traxler, Alyssa Hutchinson, Mohanad Hasona




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Nicholas Acosta

Nicholas Acosta is a junior mass communication major. He transferred from Tarrant County College in December of 2017 to continue his education at Texas Wesleyan. Nick is from Grand Prairie and graduated from Dubiski Career high school. He plans to graduate from Wesleyan in the spring of 2018.

Nick loves to write and practice writing reviews in his free time. He is adventurous in life as well as his writing style and lives by his motto, “always do your best.” Nick wants to improve his writing skills and gain experience in order to pursue a career in public relations because he likes the flexibility and creativity of the field.

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