Lyndsey Bessinger, a business management major, has spent the last four years, and eight semesters on the dean’s list.

Bessinger has left her mark on Texas Wesleyan and all the groups she was involved in. Among these are the cheerleading squad, Mortar Board, Beta Sigma Gamma fraternity and Student Government Association. She has also been a West Village resident assistant and Ram Camp leader.

Bessinger said she hopes that she has made a positive impression at Wesleyan, because it has left a positive impression on her.

“I have never felt alone at Texas Wesleyan University,” Bessinger said. “Even at my lowest, there has always been people ready to stand up for me, or merely to walk beside me during this journey. I have been given so many opportunities here that I wouldn’t have been given elsewhere.

“And I owe everything to the people who believed in me, people like Ashley Newkirk and many, many more. I can’t thank these people enough; they shaped me into the person I am. It is because of them that I wanted to work for the betterment of our students at all turns, and share the love and respect that was given to me. “

Lyndsey Bessinger (right) and her friend Ashley Newkirk (left). Photo by Bethany Jarrel