I would like to thank Dr. Brown for where I am today.

I remember the first class I had with him which was Intro to Psychology.

His classes were difficult, and his test were worse, but when he talked about the information, it was fascinating.

I fell in love with the subject and wanted to pursue the psychology field even more.

Dr. Brown not only taught me in class but also allowed me to work on research under him.

His classes still fascinate me, and he is always able to keep it interesting.

Without him, I would not have been able to learn as much as I have in the psychology field.

He is bluntly honest in his constructive criticism, and that has helped me improve as a person overall.

He is a man that doesn’t demand respect but earns it through his dedication to our education and research that brings prestige to our university.

Celeste Pena(left) with Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Jay Brown. Photo by Mattie Morris

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Mattie Morris

Mattie Morris

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