Last week, students prepared for homecoming by showing off their school spirit on Wesleyan Wednesday.

Students and university staff wore blue and gold as a symbol of their excitement; Wesleyan Wednesday is a weekly event, but Rams stepped it up in preparation for the Texas Wesleyan/Bacone College game.

Heather Birge, executive assistant to the VP of Enrollment of Marketing & Communications, showed off her school pride with a blue and gold jacket.

She believes that Wesleyan Wednesdays are especially important for the staff.

“It’s great getting to have a casual day and getting to wear a shirt that supports the school at the same time,” Birge said. “I really get to express my inner Ram.”

Birge believes that allowing staff members to be a part of Wesleyan Wednesdays lets them feel a part of the school as well.

“Students have the ability to express their school spirit every day, but this allows the staff members to feel like they get to be part of something special as well,” Birge said.

Sophomore exercise science major Brandon Brown says it’s great seeing students showing their essence and supporting the football team.

“It’s pretty good having a lot of student to student interactions and seeing all the excitement of the students coming together,” Brown said.

Brown, a member of the Wesleyan football team, was excited to see the excess of school spirit last Saturday at the homecoming game at Farrington Field. The Rams lost 33-18 to Bacone College.

“The spirit at the games are full of excitement and fun,” he said. “When we have people show up there is no down time and they are always enthusiastic.”

Mark Schreiner, a freshman undecided major, feels students demonstrated more excitement during homecoming week than usual.

“I have seen a lot of students getting involved in the activities this week and many students really looking forward to the game [last] Saturday,” Schreiner said.  

Heather Birge shows off her school spirit on Wesleyan Wednesday. Photo by Ashton Willis

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Ashton Willis

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Ashton, who was born and raised in Arlington, is a mass communication major who is starting her second semester as a content producer for The Rambler. She is also a member of Texas Wesleyan’s tennis team, where she has played every match since coming to school.

Ashton wants to pursue a career in public relations or become a college level tennis coach after college.

If you want to make Ashton’s day, bring her chicken tenders from Raising Cane’s or a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

In her freetime, Willis enjoys chilling out and listening to her favorite artist, Quinn XCII and watching The Office on Netflix. Her favorite quote from the show is, “I enjoy having breakfast in bed. I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me,” by Michael Scott.

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