Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Assocation will be holding a cookout in West Village from noon to1:30 p.m. Thursday after passing a bill at Friday’s general business meeting.

SGA Representative At-Large Ebeline Luna, who also represents West Village, presented the West Village Spring 2018 Cookout Bill and said this event is open to all students.

“Whereas, SGA provides events for students to attend and get SGA’s name out there to the student body,” Luna read the bill. “A cookout event will bring students together, and Whereas, this event will be a great way to end the year for students at West Village.”

Luna said the cookout will be at the pit and Wesleyan Student Life Administrative Assistant Darrell Smoot will grill.

“It is just a great event for us to get together,” Luna said.

SGA Freshman Representative Taylor Peyton said the cookout is a good idea.

“We have a lot of money left in legislation and it is only a little bit and we are all invited,” Peyton said.

The SGA also passed a bill approving a town hall meeting for the School of Business Administration. Business Representative Kendyl Lopez presented the bill.

“Whereas the School of Business Representative is responsible for representing and listening to its constituents and whereas, the Texas Wesleyan University Student Government Association encourages the student experience with information and support for on campus activities in every way possible,” Lopez read the SOBA Town Hall Spring 2018 Bill.

Lopez said having a town hall meeting is important following all that has happened this semester and business students and faculty have expressed interest in attending.

“This would be the place where they can tell us what they want to see happen next in the upcoming semester,” Lopez said. “We have made great strides already in the spring of 2018 but I want to just continue that effort in making sure that voices are being heard. Any comments or concerns of that nature can be addressed in a proper setting.”

Lopez also presented a bill asked for $370 for the ENACTUS club’s trip to a national competition. SGA tabled the bill indefinitely.

“The ENACTUS team in the school of business presented at regionals and they advanced,” Lopez said. “They were the only team in their league to advance and that is a really big deal. They beat, I believe, a two-time national champion to advance to nationals that is going to be held in a month.”

The money the group is asking for will go toward a hotel room in Kansas City where the competition will be May 20-22.

SGA tabled the bill because executive members were unsure if they have the power to give out money to organizations. SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson told the ENACUTS group that SGA will find out if they can allocate that money for them and then the bill can be brought up at the next meeting.

“I don’t want to promise you guys money you are not going to get and that is the only reason,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson also addressed the 16-hour block rate change protest that occurred Friday morning outside a Board of Trustees meeting in Lou’s Place. More than 20 students stood on Wesleyan Street holding signs and shouting, “No trust in trustee!”

Hutchinson said she spoke at the meeting and brought up the 16-hour block rate change issue.

“I basically handed out some solution options for each of the board members to look at to understand that the 16-hour change is not the only option because that is what is has been seeming like from President Slabach,” Hutchinson said.

The trustees seemed to be taken aback by the protesters, Hutchinson said.

“The protest was clearly noticed, and you could hear it from inside of the building and whenever I got a chance to speak to them outside the meeting they said they were really happy we were doing that,” she said. “I think that is what we need to hear.”

SGA general business meetings are held 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Fridays and are open to all students. The last meeting of the semester will be May 4.

SGA At-Large Representative Ebeline Luna presents a bill for a cookout in West Village on Thursday.
Photo by Hannah Lathen

SGA Business Representative Kendyl Lopez presents a bill for a town hall meeting for the School of Business Administration.
Photo by Hannah Lathen







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