Texas Wesleyan Student Government Vice President Nicholas Davis resigned during Friday’s weekly meeting.  

Davis cited growing division between himself and other members of SGA’s governing body. 

“I fought to fulfill the essential functions of any student government, like keeping the administration honest and transparent, responding to the needs of everyday students and enhancing the quality of student life,” he said, reading from his resignation letter. “Regrettably, not only has this not been easy, but it has been unusually and bafflingly difficult due to the disruptive influences that thrive from increased polarization and ideological rigidity that leads to disfunction, disorder, and chaos.” 

In a statement provided to the Rambler on Monday, SGA President Alyssa Hutchison wrote that Davis’ resignation was “extremely unfortunate but also a bit of a relief.” 

“We have real work to do, so I’m hoping I don’t have to continue wasting time and resources trying to  put out fires and can focus on helping the student body and continue to implement plans moving forward,” she wrote. 

After Davis read his resignation letter, Dr. Christopher Parker, SGA’s faculty advisor, said meetings are not usually as eventful as this one.  

SGA also passed three bills to conclude the eventful meeting.  

The Breast Cancer Awareness Bill is designed to raise awareness for breast cancer by giving out items during homecoming events. The cost of the items is $308.  

The Homecoming Block Party Decoration Bill was passed with a budget of no more than $100. The majority of the budget was allocated for decorative balloons. 

Texas Wesleyan’s Got Talent Bill was passed unanimously with a budget of $40.  

Student Government Association meetings are held every Friday at 2 p.m. in the SGA Chambers located in the Sid Richardson building. 

Nicholas Davis, pictured here at meeting last semester, resigned from SGA on Friday.
Photo by Hannah Lathen



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