The Morton Fitness Center has released its Fall 2018 Group Fitness Class Schedule, with more than four activities to take part in during the school year.

The building has various activities for the school’s students to use, free of charge, according to a flyer at the center. Activities include swimming, yoga, and weight lifting class for everyone to take part in during the week and weekend.

“Activities such as Aqua Fit, HIIT and yoga three times a week are now part of the schedule for the week,” says receptionist Jordan Grinage.

Amenities such as treadmills, free weights and a new rock climbing wall are things all students at Wesleyan are welcome to enjoy.

“I love coming up here and using the free weight equipment; it’s probably my favorite part of Morton, next to new rock climbing wall they have just added,” said psychology major James Yarborough.

There will be lockers up for rent, as well as free daily lockers, if you provide your own locks, wrote Aaron Whaley, facility director, in an article posted at

“Although all these events have risen, traffic at the Morton Fitness Center has been impeded by the recent beginning of construction for the new student center, Martin Hall,” said fitness center employee Elijah Meyer. “The original front entrance has been closed off, so now the back doors have been used to gain entrance of the facility.”

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The Morton Fitness Center has released its 2018 Group Fitness Class Schedule.
Photo by Cesar Vidana