The ENACTUS program hosted an ice cream social on Thursday in the Armstrong-Mabee Business Center to let students know about the Transfer Project.

The Transfer Project is a vehicle for students to get to know one another and the rest of the Wesleyan community, and to resolve and bring to light any community issues with administrative authorities, said Karen Duarte-Escobar, the project’s leader.

“Recently we’ve had problems with parking, so we went to the SGA for that,” Duarte-Escobar said.

Last semester ENACTUS hosted a nacho night; that event, and the ice cream social, were designed to bring the Wesleyan community and the students together, Duarte-Escobar added.

As she was serving up ice cream to students, Melissa Escobedo, marketing coordinator for ENACTUS, said, “I’ve been running upstairs and to some of the other buildings in between to let people know about it (ice cream social) just in case they didn’t hear about it. The turnout seems to be really good and people are enjoying it.”

Among the students enjoying themselves was Lupe Salas, a junior education major, who said that she heard about the ice cream social through her friends Laura and Maria.

“It’s nice to de-stress and I like the music,” Salas said.

Alex Howley, a business administration and marketing double major and ENACTUS member, wants to let students know about an event ENACTUS is hosting for International Women’s Day.

“We’re going to have Dr. Diana Driscoll speaking in the business building on March 7, when Wesleyan is celebrating International Women’s Day,” Howley said.

Melissa Escobedo and Karen Duarte-Escobar pose for a photo at Thursday’s ice cream social.
Photo by Elizabeth Lloyd

Alex Howley, a business administration and marketing double major (standing), enjoys ice cream with the other students.
Photo by Elizabeth Lloyd

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