Everyone was a winner in this year’s Student Government Association elections.

Alyssa Hutchinson, Karen Duarte-Escobar, Alison Baron, Lexi Barlow and Gabriela Castro ran unopposed.

Hutchinson will continue serving as president next year. She said she is excited because she has already served as president for a year, so she is comfortable in the job.

“I feel like I can go in guns a blazing if need be,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson said she hopes to accomplish goals in the next year she wasn’t able to get to this year.

“Next year I hope to include students and faculty into the student life experience as far as having them present on things that they are actually interested in,” Hutchinson said. “I would like to peak student interest again in being active.”

Duarte-Escobar, who is now a head representative, will be vice president next year.

“I feel like it is great because I have the power to be a voice for the student body,” she said.

Duarte-Escobar said she wants to make sure that the students know that SGA is here to represent them and working to ensure sustainability. She is also happy to be a voice for transfer students.

“I am really excited that 100 years later, the constitution includes a transfer representative and I get to represent transfer students here at Wesleyan as vice president,” Duarte-Escobar said. “Transfer students have a lot of issues that other students don’t have.”

Barlow, the freshman representative, will move up the table to become SGA’s secretary. She wrote in an email that she has much to learn in hopes of being the best secretary possible for the student body.

“My biggest goals for next year are to educate more students about SGA, increase student involvement with SGA and other organizations, and continue promoting community involvement across campus,” Barlow wrote. “I see the value of participating in organizations and being active on campus, and I really want to help motivate and inspire others to do so too.”

Baron, SGA’s secretary, has served in her position for two years and will become the senior representative.

“I am really excited to try something different and go to a representative position for once,” Baron said. “I want to change it up, mix it up, and continue supporting the student body as I always have.”

Baron said her goal for next year is to make the senior representative more present.

Gabriela Castro is entering into SGA for the first time as the School of Business representative.

“I am really excited for the opportunities I am going to bring to the School of Business,” Castro said. “I really want to engage the students there and my major is marketing and management, so I want to involve new ideas to the School of Business.”

The positions still open for the next school year are treasurer, head representative, chief justice, freshman representative, School of Natural and Social Sciences representative, School of Education representative, School of Arts and Letters representative, athletic representative, graduate representative, residence life representative, at-large representative, and transfer representative.

Students can apply for these positions through Ram Space.

SGA’s general business meetings are held at 3 p.m. every Thursday in the SGA chambers located on the first floor of the Brown-Lupton Campus Center.

SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson will serve another term.
Photo by Hannah Lathen


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