Friday’s Robing Convocation at Martin Hall honored the professors that had the most impact on Texas Wesleyan graduates. 

More than 20 professors gathered in preparation of robing more than 150 students. Faculty marshal for the event, Dr. Christopher Ohan, faculty marshal for the event, said robing is an honor to professors and students alike. 

Robing has been a Wesleyan tradition since 1927, according to 

“I think the robing ceremony is one of the more unique aspects of Texas Wesleyan,” Ohan said. “Most universities don’t do robings for undergraduatestypically this type of event is held for postgraduate students.” 

Several students expressed their relief that all the hard work had finally paid off. Graduating senior Lynzie Moore said she going to grad school at the University of North Texas following her graduation from Wesleyan; she was robed by professor of history Dr. Alistair Maeer, assistant history professor. 

“I want to get a masters in higher education and eventually my doctorate,” Moore said. “Eventually I want to become a superintendent for a school district, then work in the Senate, focusing on education reform.” 

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Two honor societies were selling graduation related items during the event. Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology, was selling DVDs of the robing, hooding and graduation ceremonies and Mortar Board, the national honor society for college seniors, was selling flowers and teddy bears to attendees.  

Mortar Board’s newly elected President Nick Davis said the money being raised toady would go toward service and scholarship opportunities through the year.  

“Mortar Board is all about leadership, service to our community (Texas Wesleyan) and scholarship,” Davis said. “We will also be selling flowers and bears at the convocation.” 

Texas Wesleyan’s Commencement Ceremony will be held 10 a.m. Saturday at MacGorman Chapel on the campus of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. For more information, go to 

Family members gather outside Martin Hall before Friday’s Robing Convocation.
Photo by David Cason

Professors gather in preparation for the start of the ceremony.
Photo by David Cason

Mortar Board members sell flowers and bears to attendees.
Photo by David Cason


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